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Newsletter #6
EdTech and International Education
EdTech is growing, there is no doubt. Can it replace international education? Can it replace the human interaction experience? The feeling of a British host family welcoming you after the first flight in your life? The life in a smelly dorm with Chinese, Indian, Russian and Italian cuisines all being cooked in one kitchen?

Honestly, I hope not, but it will surely play a huge role in the future of education.

  • Estonia, the European country, that is offering an e-residency, shared its successes in distance learning. It's ranked number one in PISA testing in Europe and there is a lot we can learn from their digital efforts.

  • Are we witnessing the first home school for the elite? Prime is claiming to have teachers from SpaceX and world-famous investors.

  • In the last newsletter you seemed to be interested in our TikTok news a lot, so there is the alternative that is supposed to be only about education. Meet Zigazoo inspired by Sesame Street.

  • My colleague, Maria, took some time to talk to 2 EdTech representatives to learn about their COVID-19 stories. Read if a new programming school for kids will ever be launched and how a VR-powered soft skill simulator had to adapt to the new reality.
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