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Newsletter #7
Will we see fewer offline English schools?
While Ireland and Britain are warning their governments that soon many English schools might be closing for good, it's clear that worldwide the situation is similar. Many offline schools that have not yet introduced online programmes will not make it until the next year.

I believe we are at the stage when you just can't afford to be entirely offline or online; you need to have a model that will allow you to sell both ways.

Today I am sharing with you:
1) ALLYSTUDY EdTech partner that is combining online and offline teaching and
2) EdTech researches that are explaining the way we learn digitally.

Cornell University is saying that STEM students don't seem to be having problems learning online. Is it because of the way their brains work? Maybe they just figured out a better schedule as the authors of the next article.

Brain research helped this school design a better schedule for its students. Authors explain how to create a balance between learning and wellbeing when your students spend most of their time in front of the computer.

Surely this year will end, and we will return to offline learning, which, I am 99% sure, will be blended. Schools and universities will try to take the best from the two worlds, and that's why we recommend Your Agora as an LMS for any of you who are involved in English teaching. It's the most customizable solution we've seen on the market so far, and it can be used for online, offline, and blended learning. How much better can it get?